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Psychotherapy & Counselling



Psychotherapy and counselling help us to recognise the behaviours that no longer work for us, acknowledge the ones that do and develop new ones.  Therapy offers a safe and confidential setting where we can be heard and supported and where we can address the issues that are important to us.

We can increase our awareness of what we do. Learn new skills and approaches to give us the opportunity to lead more fulfilling lives, so empowering us to be more true to ourselves.

We may come into therapy for many different reasons:

We may see ourselves repeating patterns in relationships or in our work with which we are dissatisfied or about which we are curious.

There may be a time when we are faced with a difficult  decision that we want to explore openly and freely.

We may feel so sad that we believe if we started to cry we would never stop.

We may be at a point in our lives where we are feeling overwhelmed and want a safe, impartial place to help us get some clarity.

We may want to work as a couple where we can explore, deepen or possibly end our relationship.  

Or having decided to end the relationship, we may want support to co-parent as well as possible whilst separating.