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Areas of Interest Include:


I work with adult clients, either individually or as a couple, on short, medium and long term basis to suit each clients' needs:


Bereavement, Loss and Trauma

Coming to terms with the ending of an intimate relationship. The death of a friend, family member or a much loved pet.  The loss of a pregancy through miscarriage or termination. The loss of a baby or child or experiencing or witnessing of a traumatic event.


Difficulty in staying in, ending or initiating relationships; difficulty in expressing feelings; being in conflict with one another; feeling unfulfilled.


Working with Couples

A satisfying relationship is not a given, it takes the investment of time and effort; communication, compromise, understanding of ourself and of our partner as well as goodwill.... to name just a few examples. The 'happily ever after...' In my opinion, is a myth as well as expecting our partner to 'just know what It is that we need or want'.

Couples therapy is a way to invest some time and give some space to explore and develop your relationship.

Therapy can also be a place to evaluate and discuss ending a relationship, giving the decision the time and consideration it deserves.   



Verbally or physically hurting someone, then feeling bad about ourselves. Not knowing how to manage our anger and frustration.

Self Esteem

Can be repeadedly putting others' interests ahead or our own and feeling resentful. Putting ourselves down, believing others are better than us or deserve more.  Saying 'Yes' when we really mean 'No'.

Work Issues

Difficulties in working relationships, managing stress and pressure at work, learning to be more assertive. Dealing with change including promotion, redeployment and redundancy.

Feeling Depressed

Feeling low, helpless and stuck: feeling we've lost our sense of who we are, what we want, our motivation and energy for life.

Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Working with adult survivors of sexual abuse; presenting in current everyday life the feelings, beliefs and behaviours this evokes from the past. 

This list is not exhaustive, so please contact me if you have an issue that is not listed here and would like to work with me.